July 09, 2016

Unique Homes…Building On A Sloping Block

Buyers are often deterred by the thought of building on a block which is sloped, but in fact some of the most amazing, unique, exciting homes with stunning views are built on sloping sites. If you are considering this exciting adventure it’s a good idea to……

Consider Your Builder Carefully!

Remember, the cost of building on a sloping block may depend on choosing your builder wisely.  Overall there are two types of builders a volume builder and a custom builder. There are also specialist builders in this area, for example 

Volume builders look to build homes from a number of different generic floor plans which lend themselves to suit flat sites. Altering floor plans for these homes can be a challenge.  Some of these builders may suggest to removing the slope from the block, which can be costly.

Investigate looking at a custom builder they will look at your site and your requirements and often tailor your floor plan to your site requirements.  This can be a big money saver. Your custom builder may have ideas that you have not considered and a good builder will be a massive asset as you take the journey together to creating your dream home. It’s also a good idea to…

Find Out What Your Building Envelope Is?

This is important as the size of your block does not determine the final size of your house.  Some of your land maybe unusable for building on.  Your building envelope is a set of size and design parameters for the build of your new home. These design parameters can be described by diagrams, plans or written descriptions, or a combination of these formats. So make sure you check carefully as it will be a very contribution factor towards the type of home you are able to build on the block.  Then why don’t you………

Consider a Split-level Home

A common design seen on sloping blocks is the split-level home.

Building this way can give you a very flexible floor plan which will maximise the use of the block often creating wonderful, unique designs and giving maximum overall under roof size.

For example, designing your garage or rumpus room to go underneath the house and sitting below street level. Having bedrooms on the upper floors, with balconies to take advantage of any views.  Also, placing your Kitchen Meals areas at a higher level with balconies can create a relaxing family entertaining space.  Why not think about tiering your outdoor garden space to encompass lights, decking, cascading waterfalls from the top of your garden to the bottom.  The ideas for building on a slope are endless and often unique, so get creative and enjoy.

If you built on a sloping or unique type of block we would love to see your photographs and share your stories. You can contact us by email or through our web site at where you can also find other property related articles.