September 02, 2016

Sunbury is a HOT SPOT but for how long?

You might already see that Real Estate in Sunbury is HOT at the moment and choosing the best Real Estate agent to suit your needs is essential. So why is Real Estate in Sunbury so HOT at the moment.

Well there are a few reasons. Check out the infographic to see the main highlighted areas.

1- Sunbury is located but 40 mins from the CBD 

2 - We have some of the best transport links available

3 - Compared to the rest of the Hume area and our neighbours in other areas you get bang for your buck here in Sunbury

4 - There is a massive shortage of homes for sale in sunbury and a massive demand to live in the area 

with all the above being said, this means your home is in demand by buyers from other suburbs looking to maximise their living space and minimise the amount they are paying. This has created a what is called a sellers market. Meaning your home is generally worth more at the moment because of increased demand and decreased supply.


In the coming months more and more sellers will come into the market which gives buyers more choice and levels the supply and demand scale and essentially means, with more choice buyers will be less willing to pay that bit extra for a property if there is one of similar quality.