March 16, 2017

Help For Renters

Ever wondered what the best way to approach a rental viewing is and why you might be getting rejected?

Here are some hints and tips on increasing your chance of getting the rental you really want.

Firstly, turn up on time and be presentable. Wear suitable clothing the way you look does tell a lot about who you are and how you may keep a property.

Always be polite even if the agent is not. Shaking hands and asking if they have had...


September 02, 2016

Sunbury is a HOT SPOT but for how long?

You might already see that Real Estate in Sunbury is HOT at the moment and choosing the best Real Estate agent to suit your needs is essential. So why is Real Estate in Sunbury so HOT at the moment.

Well there are a few reasons. Check out the infographic to see the main highlighted areas.

1- Sunbury is located but 40 mins from the CBD 

2 - We have some of the best transport links available

3 - Compared to the rest of...


August 15, 2016

How to talk your vendor down on price

Our home is our castle, as the saying goes, and, while this notion is a warm one, it can at times prove problematic when it comes to establishing a realistic listing price with a vendor.

And once a price is locked in, it can be even more difficult to convince a proud homeowner to drop the price of their most prized possession.

According to Real Estate Exclusive founder Nick Khachatryan, vendors often use their emotional attachment as the foundation for valuing their...


August 12, 2016

Should I Rent or Sell

One of the most frequently asked questions when sellers are looking to buy their next home is “shall I rent my property out, or shall I sell it”? 

To answer this question and be fully informed it is always advisable to speak to the experts.   Your broker or lender will guide you as to whether this is an affordable option for you, your accountant will advise you, amongst other things, on the short term and long term advantages and disadvantages from...


July 09, 2016

Unique Homes…Building On A Sloping Block

Buyers are often deterred by the thought of building on a block which is sloped, but in fact some of the most amazing, unique, exciting homes with stunning views are built on sloping sites. If you are considering this exciting adventure it’s a good idea to……

Consider Your Builder Carefully!

Remember, the cost of building on a sloping block may depend on choosing your builder wisely.  Overall there are two types of builders a volume builder and a custom builder. There are also specialist...


July 08, 2016

Why Invest or Nest In Sunbury?

Located 40kms north-west of Melbourne's CBD, and 20 mins from Tullamarine Airport family-friendly Sunbury retains a country style, rural, community vibe while still boasting urban conveniences, great eateries and expanding residential areas, property growth and a nifty location.

With plenty of room to breathe, tree-lined spacious streets and its speedy run to the City, Sunbury is unsurprisingly popular with growing families who need more space. Many move to Sunbury who work in the City, searching for that...


June 06, 2016

10 Fun Real Estate Facts

A bit of fun for the New Year... Enjoy! 

  1. The White House was valued at approx $110 Million
  2. A real estate broker in the city of Ermelo in the Netherlands found a great way to encourage prospective buyers to take a quick tour of this house: his company built a roller coaster through it!!!!
  3. When Apple built a data server in North Carolina they paid an elderly couple $1.7 million for one acre of land!